Smart Postbox Feasibility Study

In the second of year of my degree, I undertook a year long software engineering group project, sponsored by Atos.
Our project was the Smart Postbox Feasibility Study. An investigative study into the potential use of using IoT devices in postboxes to improve the efficiency of the UK's postal system.
The final product involved a functioning prototype smart postbox that could determine if it was full or not, and include the postbox in a routing calculation using Concorde.

• Embedded postbox using Node.js, and hardware sensors to determine weight/fill status.
• Server side routing that calculates the postman's route based on what nodes need to be emptied.
• Shared memory database which both the postboxes and server use to communicate.
• Mobile accessibility displays the most recently calculcated route.

The project won the prize for best stall at project open day.
The mobile route can be found here