Screw This Game

Screw This Game was a winning hackathon project at CovHack 2020. Screw This Game provides a system that lets any moddable game to hook into, to allow external users (livestream viewers, friends etc) to interact with your game in unexpected ways, to spice things up for viewers or each other.

As long as a game's mod adheres to the platform's interface, which consists of hitting some HTTP endpoints and provided a list of 'capabilities', it will automatically be registered for use on a frontend website.

Users can then trigger any of these 'events', which may be anything the game's modding interface allows you to expose. Our examples included adding random (de)buffs to the players, spawning enemies nearby, throwing held items on the ground, random teleporting, etc.

• Automatic registration with features governed by each game's plugin allows complete decentralised extensibility.
• Audience participation via the game reflecting a user's chosen commands.
• Multiplatform bots allow users to join in from Twitch chat, Discord, Twilio, or the website.
• Dedicated frontend to display available games and useable commands
• 3 game mods supported out of the box - Terraria, Minecraft and Team Fortress 2
• SpringBoot backend to consolidate and rate limit available game sessions.

More about Screw This Game can be read on DevPost
Frontend available on Netlify with the remnant data from the Hackathon.